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Remar Nigeria is a Christian Non-governmental Organization (NGO) working among street Children, Orphans, drug addicts, alcoholics and the needy in general. The First missionaries from Remar Spain arrived in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria, in the year 1996. Their establishment was facilitated by the Assemblies of God Church of Nigeria. It was officially registered as an NGO in the year 2004. By the grace of God, the Nigerian Mission of Remar has two (2) rehabilitation centers. The first is in Benin City, Edo State and houses a community of women, girls and boys and babies. It also has a facility for the rehabilitation of males. The second is situated in Ogun state and houses boys. Remar Nigeria has acquired land for a farm which is currently being developed.

The children attend school while the young adults are taught vocational skills and helped to grow in the Lord Jesus Christ.


REMAR has been working for seventeen years now in third world developing countries. Remar Association Spain began its international social work in Europe in Portugal (1982) and in South America (1991), starting in Peru. Since then, Remar’s assistance has been welcomed in numerous other countries too. (For more information see Remar activities.) Remar Spain’s interest is in helping and training people on the margins of society, of whatever age, sex or condition, who come to Remar centres in various countries, especially those of the Third World. Aware of the needs of these people, as much help as possible has always been sent to them from the more prosperous First World nations.

In each country where we have Remar, the majority of the workers are volunteers who have left the comforts of the first world in solidarity with those less fortunate, poorer people. They share with them their time, their knowledge, their affection, their material possessions, and all the support that they can give and also help train them. They live alongside the very needy, help them change their lives for the better, not only as far as food and clothing are concerned, but also in their family, professional and educational restoration. The Remar Association Spain was officially constituted in 1990, to offer moral, cultural, material and spiritual help to socially rejected people and drug addicts. We began to work primarily in the rehabilitation of drug addicts and alcoholics; but soon we saw the need to widen the scope of our services to other areas such as, education, the provision of food to those who can not afford, preventive health care, and help for women suffering abuse, etc.

In 1990 the first team was sent to Portugal to initiate rehabilitation centres, in the same way as had been done in Spain. There has been a great demand for our services, with very positive results. In 1991 we expanded into Peru and also the United Kingdom. In Peru we concentrated upon the least favoured social group, mothers and children, setting up our first home for them. The great demand for help then led us to create more centres of this kind, extending into the cities of Lima, Arequipa and Tacna. In 1992 the Association continued with its international forge, planting the ministry in countries such as Guatemala, Brazil, Argentina and Nicaragua, in Central and South America, and, back in Europe, in Switzerland. Our centers are always set up in those areas that have the worst economic conditions and the highest levels of poverty.

In 1993 we decided to spread the work into EI Salvador and Ecuador in America, and to begin activities in Africa. Countries such as Angola, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Niger, Mali, Cameroun, Equatorial Guinea, Mozambique and South Africa are some of those that benefit from our services today. In all of these African countries, we have rehabilitation centers for drug addicts and alcoholics to help them get of their addictions. We also have children’s homes that cater for needy and abandoned children and single mothers. Proactively, we also have vocational training centers where the inmates acquire a productive vocation.

Remar is a charitable Christian Centre that works benevolently for the amelioration and harmonization for the well being of the society. In effect, REMAR Association was created by ex marginalized persons in SPAIN in 1982 through the ingenuity of JUAN MIGUEL DIEZ ALVAREX, himself an ex gambler and now, PASTOR and PRESIDENT of REMAR INTERNATIONAL. It is noteworthy that REMAR through SPAIN is now present in almost all of EUROPE. This expansionist idea to give hope to souls dying, in distress and in difficulty, has even touched the continent of America. All South America benefits totally in the Socio Humanitarian actions directed by REMAR (a NON GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION) in each country. Black Africa, also, is never ignored in this process of social assistance of REMAR.

Thus , we have implantations in West Africa. On our part, it is important to recall the immensity of the work accomplished since 1982 until now, to sustain benevolently and without the socio, political, cultural partnership of governments in all instances, in all the countries, in order to minimize all the social faults which implicitly hinder global development. In sum, REMAR as a NON GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION is implanted in over sixty three (63) countries worldwide, and supported in the same manner through substantial aid assistance to the most neglected and dejected groups of society.

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