Educational Programmes

The social-economic situation to be found in the majority of the developing countries have multiple consequences, and this can be reflected clearly in the sector of education. In these countries the level of illiteracy is extremely high, and the educational system in general is of a low quality and coverage. But the educational Programmes of Remar Nigeria have given Childrent the opportunity to go school

The Educational Programme of Remar Nigeria has given these Children the opportunity to go to School

Programmes to assist Children

Children are a Very Vulnerable Sector of the population

Children are one sector of the population most vulnerable to the social and economic problems that are prevalent particularly in the Third World countries. Remar Nigeira has programs to assist children which are carried out in our centers, where the basic needs of the child are met:[shelter, food, clothing, education, recreation, etc.], and where we can ensure that they grow up in a favorable environment. To these homes come abandoned children, children of single mothers, and those who need to live apart from their parents because of circumstances of extreme exigencies. Our first objective is to provide their parental needs, and so the children are cared for by married couples or elderly monitors who can create an ideal family situation, showing them love and affection, and also the necessary guidance and discipline.  Once the child has become settled, and through means of personal follow-up, we integrate them into the educational system, if they are of school age, or into the other vocational programs of the centre.



Programs To Assist Young People

The young people at Remar Christian Charity Center in Nigeria

We consider we have a social obligation towards young people, so that in those areas where circumstances have robbed them of assistance, they can be compensated and be offered the same opportunities as those who have been more fortunate. Any program must give all-round teaching and a complete training so that the young person can feel settled and be able to develop his own personality. Some young people, who are faced with extreme poverty and lack of resources, find themselves unable to enjoy certain kinds of leisure activities, and this leads them to seek quick and relatively easy ways of acquiring money. Our association does what it can to take these young people off the streets, thus avoiding their committing crimes, and also offers them alternative activities. Remar Nigeria offers the following workshops all over thecountry for professional training so that the youth can acquire a dignified trade or skill that allows them to face up to the demands of society.

The Women and Girls in Remar Nigeria


After making a sincere analysis of social reality, we came to the conclusion that women, on the whole, are in a more difficult situation than men, and this, obviously, can be observed more acutely in circumstances of poverty or social crisis.
We have created a network of centers for women at risk: single mothers, widows, and destitute women. including those who are suffering abuse or are in a difficult family situation, those with problems of prostitution, and also those who come out of prison and have no decent place to go.
Our Association endeavors to promote training for these women, making available to them the different programs of professional training, such as sewing workshops where they learn to make clothes, sheets, tablecloths and curtains to sell in REMAR shops. They also help at th Farm in Nsawam where they prepare (Gari) and cassava dough to support all the REMAR communities in Nigeria.

Remar evangelises at Oko and White House Prisons Regularly

REMAR Prison Ministry

Imprisoned in disastrous conditions, where men, rats and cockroaches, just like a gutter, gather and live to gather. REMAR, Christian rehabilitation center for aid to the marginalized of society, appears as a light in the darkness to these prisoners. In their deplorable cells of incarceration, without water, without clothes, food is a rarity of the utmost importance. Health is precarious and death comes to liberate the flesh from pain and lead the soul to the eternal fire of hell, because they never heard speak of Jesus.  Thus, on the majestic pillar of Social Work, Remar Ghana comes to address and implant in Nsawam Prison, to place a barrier on this route where the children of God are ensnared by drugs, hunger, prostitution, bandits and poverty. Today, by the help of God and through men of goodwill for the love of their neighbor, REMAR Nigeria has put in place a program to assist prisoners, named REMAR PRISON MINISTRY

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