The community of Remar Nigeria, have recently acquired a plot of land on the outskirts of Benin City, Edo State. This was possible through the financial support of Remar International, with headquarters in Spain.  The plot measures 200 feet square.

Our vision for the farm is to establish a first phase community for the rehabilitation of new entrants, especially persons with addiction related problems.

We also aim to establish commercial intensive agriculture in the fields of poultry and fish farming and the production of vegetables. The products from these activities, is to provide food for Remar community, and also as a source of raising financial income to support our activities and projects.

The farm will also provide technical or professional training for persons, which will enable them to be employed after their rehab.

We are presently working to establish a bore hole at the site to provide potable water for the community and water for agricultural purposes.

We were recently at the site to mount the stand for the water tanks. The actual drilling work is to start soon. !

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