This ministry Started in Spain 28 years ago, and today we are in 64 countries of the world. We arrived in Nigeria 10 years ago and our work has been growing considerably giving to us men and children. Everything in the ministry is free of charge. We take care of the ones that come with problems to our centers.


Remar (Rehabilitation of socially rejected people), a non-governmental organization founded in 1982 in Vitoria, Alava (Northern Spain), was born from a desire to help all kinds of people on the margins of society. Remar is a Charitable Christian Organization which had the privilege of being the instrument through which in Spain alone, more than 90000 drug addicts have come off the streets, out of prisons, prostitution, delinquency, and have been helped in their spiritual, physical, professional and family restoration. Many of them have been rehabilitated and have returned to their families, whilst others have stayed at Remar to dedicate their lives to helping the needy, that changing from being a negative element in society into being useful and beneficial. They help others, in a self-giving way, to come out of all kinds of social problems. They are already working in more than 64 countries helping and caring for drug addicts and alcoholics, abandoned children, single mothers, prisoners, and all kinds of needy people. Remar International received an invitation from Assemblies of God church, Nigeria to establish Remar in Nigeria in the year 1997. With Missionaries coming from Spain and Portugal to start the work in G.R.A Ihama Road Benin city, Edo State Nigeria. Afterwards, another Branch was opened in Ibafo, Ogun State, Nigeria. The Nigerian Headquarters’ of Remar later moved from G.R.A to 43, Vincent Asemota Street off Uwasota Ugbowo, Benin City where it stands till date.


The Vision of Remar is to provide free help and support for people on the margins of society, irrespective of age, sex, color, Nationality and religious background. The Vision of Remar is in four pillars with the Lord Jesus Christ as the foundation.
  • EVANGELISM; Prison, School, Ghettos, Streets, Market, Rural Areas, e.t.c
  • DISCIPLESHIP: Bible School and different Vocations
  • SOCIAL WORK: Rehabilitation of the drug addicts, prostitutes, Children Orphans and the needy.
  • CHRISTIAN BUSINESS: Enterprises and Workshop to be able to teach and support the Ministry.
We work because we love God and One another, to supply the economical and spiritual needs, and to offer an opportunity of salvation to those on the margins of the society, and to become sons and daughters of God useful for building a Christian family and to be able to follow the step and doctrines of Christ.  


Remar Charity Nigeria is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission CAC with Reg No. CAC/6/INCT, /7314 and the National Planning Commission NPC/NGO-IC/SEC.175 and the Ministry for women affairs and Social Development ED/MWASD/NGO/200188. Everything offered by the Ministry is free of Charge and we are able to offer these because of the donations of individuals and Organizations. Help us in any way you can. We take care of the Ones that come with problems to our centers physically, Materially, Spiritually, and even legal support where necessary.


The Needs of Nigeria are so huge that they can be compared in size only to its corruption. REMAR Nigeria guarantees the safe arrival, direct to the needy people themselves, of all help, whether it be for food, clothing, and the needs of the homes, education or medical help. We need your help in the form or amount you can give. Every little grain of sand counts! Also if you would like more information concerning our social work, you can consult our website. www.remarcharityng.org.