The rehabilitation program of Remar consists of three phases which are as follows:

FIRST PHASE (Detoxification and physical recovery)

This phase lasts on the average for five months, and takes place in a community outside the town or city, set apart from the influences of urban life. The aim is to achieve:
The physical recovery and Detoxification of the Addict.
The acknowledgement by the individual of his/her problems and their causes.
The establishment of a strategy for solving these problems.
The acquiring of self-discipline concerning good habits of personal hygiene, eating, general behavior, and acceptance of time schedules.

SECOND PHASE (Rehabilitation)

In this phase the problems which cause the individual to become addicted are dealt with in more depth, through more personal therapies. This phase lasts approximately six months.
The internees begin to undertake work activities suited to their individual professional skills, aspirations and talents, thus developing attitudes that will help in their eventual reinsertion into society. They also renew contact with their relatives and spouses, where this relationships have been damaged.

THIRD PHASE (Reinsertion)

This is the phase of preparation for reinsertion into society, and it lasts approximately six months, depending upon each individual case. At this stage, the individual is given certain responsibilities, which help to test and form his/her character. The degree of trust which is put in him/her helps raise their self esteem and encourages them to share their tasks in the community.
Those who come to our centers with no training, have the opportunity to receive instruction in one of the various professional training workshops: carpentry, welding and metalwork, painting, computer training, auto mechanic, sound and image production. These young people who previously have missed the opportunity to learn professional skills or trade, due to their addiction, are now able to overcome this deficiency in their lives, and are able to face up to the demands of life in a more positive way, since they can learn practical and useful skills in preparation for their new adventure into society.

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